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A product that can be sold on the market with economic success is highly at risk to be imitated by product pirates. The economic success of many products is based on their particular design, may have a strong influence on the customer's decision  to buy this product. In these esthetic designs it may be a matter of special shape, color, color combinations etc.

Therefore, it is in the interest of every company to protect products with a special shape, i.e. the two- or three-dimensional appearance, by means of a design registration so that imitation can be prevented. Besides national design  applications filed befor the German Patent- and Trademark Office, it is also possible to apply for Community design models that are effective in the states of the European Community. There is also the possibility of obtaining international protection in those states that have joined the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs.

If the product developed by you has a two- or three-dimensional appearance which, in your opinion, may be protectable, please turn to us. In this case, a designs  search should first be carried out in order to verify, on the one hand to infringement of already existing designs. Thereafter, we can represent you in the application and registering proceedings. In addition, we can advise and represent you in design litigations.

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